We offer a full range of accounting services to help you grow and grow your business both locally and internationally. For both us and our customers, trust means the best quality technical knowledge provided with integrity, creativity and responsibility.

We are a dynamic team of specialists with extensive experience in providing accounting services, which through customized solutions offer you optimization and development of the company’s business.

Advantages of outsourced accounting services

    – easy access to specialized expertise,

    – focus on the core business of your business,

    -risk management,

    – cost reduction

    – high staff flexibility.

Accounting services at our headquarters, including primary accounting

  • organizing accounting in accordance with legal regulations;
  • maintaining accounting in accordance with the accounting principles and all legal provisions;
  • operating primary documents drawn up by the beneficiary;
  • analytical and synthetic records of suppliers, customers;
  • fixed assets inventory, depreciation calculation;
  • Draft Buyer Log, Sales Journal;
  • compilation of verification balance and analytical balances;
  • drafting the accounting logs provided by the law: Journal Register, Inventory Register, Great Book Registry;
  • the calculation of corporate income tax or corporate income tax, as appropriate, the preparation of statements within the legal deadlines;
  • dividend tax calculation, tax dividend statements;
  • the calculation of income tax on non-resident physical and legal persons;
  • drawing up the VAT return;
  • half-yearly reporting;
  • the preparation of other situations or reports required by the legislation in force;
  • compiling payroll for employees and calculating the contributions generated by these operations;
  • Making monthly statements for the calculation of the following contributions:
    • contributions to the state social security budget
    • contributions to the health insurance budget
    • contributions to the unemployment insurance budget
    • contributions to the state budget
    • other contributions provided by law
  • making tax records;
  • making and registering statements of payment obligations to the unemployment insurance budget when the customer benefits from employee subsidies;
  • the design and implementation of accounting procedures and the chart of accounts adapted to the company in compliance with the general rules;
  • training the staff on how to draw up and the circuit of primary documents;
  • training staff on how to use payment instruments (payment orders, promissory notes, CECs, etc.), as well as drafting them;
  • the preparation of the treasury payment orders related to the transfers to the state budget, the state social insurance budget, the health insurance budget, the unemployment insurance budget, etc .;
  • maintaining the relationship with the bank (deposit and withdrawal of documents, withdrawal of account statements, cash deposit);
  • periodically informing the management on the economic and financial situation of the company;
  • permanent and timely information of the company’s management on the fiscal and financial-accounting regulations;
  • periodic information on changes in tax legislation regarding the beneficiary’s activity.

Accounting services at customer’s premises

  1. verification of primary documents and accounting, compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, quality of information, risk identification and advice for their elimination
  2. drafting and filing tax returns (corporate tax, VAT, D390, D394)
  3. preparation of financial statements in accordance with Romanian accounting standards or international financial reporting standards (IFRS)
  4. assistance during checks by authorities..
  5. business analysis, and identifying risk factors that can affect your business.
  6. performance improvement consultancy, cash-flow analysis, budgets and forecasts.

Remote accounting services

  1. checking the journal log,
  2. reconciliation of account statements,
  3. the analytical tracking of debts and receivables,
  4. the preparation of tax returns,
  5. financial analysis,
  6. cash-flow preparation,
  7. profit and loss account
  8. management reports

Financial statements preparation services

  1. preparation and certification of individual or consolidated financial statements
  2. preparing financial statements in accordance with the Romanian Financial Reporting Standards as well as International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  3. preparing financial statements for regulated industry sectors, including for non-profit organizations
  4. preparation of financial statements in the case of liquidation of a company and preparation of specific reports
  5. drafting merger reports
  6. extrajudicial expertise

Financial analysis services

  1. balance sheet, profit and loss account, cash flow
  2. consultancy on the preparation of the annual budget
  3. management reports
  4. the preparation of financial statements or reports required by banks
  5. the calculation of the economic and financial indicators needed to assess various aspects of a company’s activity and financial performance
  6. cost benefit analysis

Accounting expertise

  1. Judicial – We offer judicial accounting expertise to investigate facts and situations of economic and financial nature for purposes established by the judiciary.
  2. Extrajudicial – We offer out-of-court accounting expertise required by customers who need clarification regarding the conduct of transactions or where there are doubts about how taxes and charges are calculated.

We are passionate about our work. I have completed the procedures provided by the CECCAR Regulation on access to the profession of accountant and authorized accountant.

All colleagues in the team follow the activities provided by the National Program of Continuous Professional Development, participating in the courses, seminars and professional meetings in the field, which provides us with a thorough and up-to-date knowledge of the most complex aspects of the profession. This helps us to deliver quality services in our relationship with our partners.


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We are accredited company with the right to practice by the Body of Chartered Accountants and Authorized Accountants of Romania (CECCAR).

Authorization 7748 / 2012